DS3 Spacelight System (3 modules) Wired (DMX/RDM)

Digital Sputnik

The DS3 Spacelight is kind of like your graceful but tough sister; she will wear a skirt when the situation requires it, but she packs a solid punch anytime. The Spacelight is a proud member of the modular LED lighting systems for the film and television industries.

This easy accessory is exemplarily fit for more glamorous works. The Spacelight can pack one or two DS3 units for substantial output. The fixture is usable without the skirt to get a more directional beam from higher ceilings.


What's Included

1x DS Wired Handle (DMX/RDM)
1x DS3 Spacelight Cardboard Box
1x DS3 Spacelight
3x 1x1 Diffuser Lens 34/76 with bag
1x Clip Bag Set
1x Socket Wrench 13mm
3x DS Light Module Cable 0.75m
1x DS3 Cardboard Box
3x DS Light Module RGBW
1x DS3 PSU
1x AC Cable IECLock C13 6ft US



Control App

You can control all your lights and their parameters from a phone app, which is simple and intuitive as using a box of crayons. 

Download link for the DS Control DMX

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