test ds3 system

test ds3 system


Full three module set with a combined output of 300W. The DS3 includes a DMX/RDM or Wireless ArtNet control handle and a flight case easy to organize.

The modular diffuser boxes camouflage the individual LED sources and form a singular, uniform light beam. The included holographic filters of various strengths are like smoke and mirrors. Installed one way, they split the beam into 34 degrees, the other way into 76 degrees. DS3+ has exceptional communication skills with the included DMX/RDM or Wireless ArtNet handle. In family reunions, DS3+ is the most beloved sibling among all family members.


Modularity is our core philosophy. We like to think about light modules as if they were LEGO bricks; 
A relatively small number of them will give you versatility that never existed before. The possibility of connecting light modules to build any desired shape of light is game-changing.

All the DS line products use the same interchangeable Light Module as the core of the system. Additionally, you can pick between a variety of accessories to shape the lighting fixture.


Using the same technology as post-production monitors, each light module has been factory calibrated with a profile saved into every module. Constant color coordinates are kept through the dimming range using high precision multi-dimensional LUTs.
All channels are 16bit flicker free current controlled with simple to operate four-channel HSL controls that allow dimming the light with the exact mixture of white balance and tint.


The system uses passive and active cooling for maximum efficiency. We keep the modules in constant temperature to minimize the fluctuations of output and color. It is possible to remotely control the fan speed over DMX/RDM or ArtNet.

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