With the first season of The Mandalorian over, the world is anxiously waiting to find out what will happen next to Mando and the child. Will they find safety or will the past catch up with them once again? While we wait for the saga to continue in season 2, we have put together a special lighting kit that consists of lights used on the actual Mandalorian set.

This special lighting kit consists of a DS1 and a 4ft Voyager Smart Light. If you buy a DS1, we will add our Voyager Smart Light free of charge (690USD value). We will even include a surprise for you in the package!

The DS1 was used in scenes where quick eye light or remote spot was needed. The Voyager provided backup in interior set design.

This kit lets you light up your next production in the style of the Star Wars live-action show.

To take advantage of this special offer, add both products to your shopping cart and the Voyager is yours free of charge!