The First DS Masterclass

The First DS Masterclass

December 14, 2018

DS Masterclass: Iron Sky Behind the Scenes. 
The first Digital Sputnik Masterclass is out!

A while ago, the Finnish creators of the Iron Sky franchise decided to film one of the last scenes for the Iron Sky sequel in North Hollywood. Team DS hopped on board and used this occasion to make the shooting day into a masterclass about the use of simple pixel-mapping software to light up elaborate scenes. Take a look at the Behind The Scenes and DIY setup for Pixel Mapping.

DoP Aleksandar Kosutic's new Porsche Tag Heuer commercial, titled ‘Neverending Now’ lit up with DS lights.

Our DS lights have recently found their way onto the set of ‘Mortal Engines’, Cinematography by Simon Raby.

Voyagers were used by Dana Rice on Egypt Criss’ new video ‘RUN’ ft Sammattick.

Final Trailer for "Glass", where Sputniks were used as practical lights.


Where to Purchase?

You can buy Digital Sputnik lights online from our web shop, or B&H in US and CVP in UK. Check out the full list of distributors from here.