DoP Greg Frasier lit up ‘VICE’ with DS lights

DoP Greg Frasier lit up ‘VICE’ with DS lights

October 11, 2018

It was great to meet some of you at CineGear Atlanta last weekend,
and at CINEC in Munich back in September.

But you may be wondering- where have DS systems recently lit up some scenes?
Here’s where:

DoP Greg Fraiser lit up 'VICE' with DS lights.

DoP Matthew Libatique used DS gear to light up some scenes in ‘A Star is Born’, where Lady Gaga plays her first major role.

Cinematographer Adrien Oneiga directed the underwater scenes in Avril Lavigne’s new video ‘Head Above Water’ and he used DS lights to bring us some of his trademark underwater magic.

DS lights used on DJ Snake's new video 'Taki Taki' ft Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B.

As for professional use given to Voyagers- 

Some Early Bird units recently found their way onto the set of ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’, an adaptation of a book by the same name.
The film will be released in 2019, and the book is a highly acclaimed one. 
DoP: Kartik Vijay


Also, DoP Markus Förderer used Early Bird Voyagers while shooting two episodes of ‘Nightflyers’.


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