Digital Sputnik Has A New Online Store

Digital Sputnik Has A New Online Store

March 13, 2019

New DS Webpage!

We have a new webpage! And with it, a new US online store, so to kick things off, we are running a limited promotion giving 15% off on DS1s from our new online store. Use the code NEWSTORE at checkout.

The promotion is limited to 20 x DS1. First come first serve! (edit: there are now only 7 left at the time of publishing this).


DS on Netflix Again

There is a new show on Netflix that was lit by DS lights. It is called 'Daybreak', so check it out.

DoPs Duane Manwiller and Jaron Presant.

Voyager news

Video-based pixel mapping using a visual drag and drop interface is working on the Voyagers through a wireless connection. On the video below, we used 20 x 4ft Voyagers to create a screen with a resolution of 20 x 80 pixels. 

Swirl 20x4ft Voyagers from Digital Sputnik on Vimeo.


Digital Sputnik During Oscar Season

Congratulations to Green Book for the Best Picture Oscar!
As far as nominated films went, DS lights were involved in Vice (DoP Greig Fraser) and A Star is Born (DoP Matthew Libatique), so it’s very likely that DS lights will be used on their follow-up projects. For Fraser, it is Dune, as many of you know. We’re looking forward to it.

Fraser on his current workflow:
"When we (DoP Greig Fraser, Gaffer Michael Bauman) use LEDs, we need a fraction of rigging, a fraction of the cabling, a fraction of the manpower and time to rig, a fraction of the air conditioning and we're using significantly less electricity - FOR THE PRODUCTION IT MEANS MASSIVE SAVINGS"



Where to Purchase?

You can buy Digital Sputnik lights online from our webshop,
or B&H in the US and CVP in the UK.
Check out the full list of distributors from here.