DP Greig Fraser, Gaffer Michael Bauman


When we use LED's, we need a fraction of rigging, a fraction of the cabling, a fraction of the manpower and time to rig, a fraction of the air conditioning and we're using significantly less electricity - FOR THE PRODUCTION IT IS A MASSIVE SAVINGS
Independent smart light solution


The Smart Light is a fixture concept which combines light source, battery, and remote controller into a single product.
Instant classic


modular lighting platform


Lit with Digital Sputnik
DP Dante Spinotti

Ant-Man and Wasp

I do not think that I will work on a project, whatever the dimension without DS on my lighting equipment list

Digital Sputnik develops and manufactures full color pixel controllable lighting tools for content creation industry


The Digital Sputnik LEDs are the cornerstone of the Rogue One aesthetic

Greig Fraser, "Star Wars: Rogue One"

The Digital Sputniks are am essential tool, with great precision and flexibility

Jess Hall, "Ghost in the Shell"

Digital Sputniks LED lights have become an integral part of our lighting package

Markus Förderer, " Independence Day Resurgence"

Modular Design

Modularity is at the core of our philosophy. We like to think about light modules as if they were LEGO bricks.

A relatively small number of them will give you unparalleled versatility. The possibility of connecting light modules to build any desired shape of fixture.